Paul Cathcart has been a consultant urological surgeon since 2011. Initially appointed at University College London Hospital, Paul moved to Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in 2015. He qualified from St George’s Hospital Medical School in 2000 before completing fellowships in uro-oncology and robotic surgery at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia.In addition to having a busy general urological practice, Paul is regarded as an expert both in prostate cancer diagnostics and the surgical management of prostate cancer. Paul performs in excess of 150 robotic prostatectomies each year and has a subspecialist interest in nerve-sparing prostate cancer surgery – where all the nerves around the prostate are preserved to maximise the likelihood of maintaining potency, as well as robotic prostate surgery for men with recurrent prostate cancer. In his NHS practice, Paul has set up a specialist multidisciplinary clinic for men with recurrent prostate cancer that receives referrals from all over the UK and has published his outcomes for men undergoing robotic prostatectomy for recurrent disease.

Paul is Clinical Co-ordinator for the National Prostate Cancer Audit and Chief Investigator for a number of clinical trials including the RAFT study which assesses the effectiveness and safety of salvage robotic prostate cancer surgery after focal therapy.

Paul also enjoys being involved in teaching and training of junior urologists. He is the London training programme director for specialist urology registrar training and is a national selector for the national training programme for urology. Paul is well published in the field of prostate cancer and lectures both nationally and internationally on this subject.

When Paul’s not at work he is usually found out running either training or competing!

Areas of Urological Practice

Prostate cancer diagnostics and management, robotic surgery including salvage robotic radical prostatectomy General urology


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